Jon Panamaroff President
Peter Boskofsky Vice President
James Carmichael Secretary/Treasurer


Loren Anderson
Candace Branson
Elaine Komm-Enge
Tom Panamaroff
Stephen Parsons
Gordon Pullar, Jr.
Lorena Skonberg
Thomas Swensen


KEF has a small office staffed by four hard-working employees and a Board of Directors that is supportive beyond all means. Each of KEF’s staff members has a unique role in achieving our mission of helping our people achieve their potential through education.

Interested In Serving on the KEF Board?

If you are interested in serving on the KEF Board of Directors, we would be delighted to hear from you. Feel free to call or e-mail us at if you have any questions concerning time commitment, programs, or committees.

Jesse Kreger
Executive Director

As Executive Director of KEF, Jesse is keen to expand educational opportunities for our students – both now and for generations to come. His background includes time spent in project management and real estate development, as well as a stint in advertising for a number of Alaskan clients. Having grown up in Anchorage, Jesse enjoys traveling to his wife’s family home in Port Lions to hunt, fish, and walk in the woods.

Germaine Salmine
Program Manager

As Program Manager, Germaine manages and administers student recruitment and retention programs including alumni, mentorship and student networking. She works primarily on project coordination for the Community Mentorship Project (CMP) awarded by the Department of Education ANEP Grant. Germaine received her Bachelor of Arts degree in American Indian Studies from the University of Washington in Seattle. Prior to joining KEF, Germaine worked in a variety of community based organizations and has over 3 years of experience in the non-profit sector. She is an enrolled member of the Tangirnaq Native Village, Lesnoi, Inc. Shareholder and Koniag, Inc. Shareholder. Germaine enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her family and friends and traveling.

Yolanda Inga
Scholarships and Office Manager

As Scholarships and Office Manager of KEF, Yolanda strives to assist students with their educational goals and keeping the offices of KEF running smoothly. Her background includes government and medical related fields. She is also a current student who understands the triumphs and challenges of pursuing higher education. Yolanda enjoys time with her six children, photography, hiking, volunteering and the beaches in Hawaii.

Daria Simeonoff
Education Specialist

With parents as university professors, Daria’s teaching career started long before she was born! It was no big surprise to anyone that she herself became a college instructor of English and Translation Studies after earning a BA from Russia’s oldest university in the city of St. Petersburg. Following doctoral work in 2011, Daria moved to Kodiak and began teaching Russian at Kodiak College and Church Slavonic and Russian Church History at St. Herman Theological Seminary. As a shareholder spouse, Daria is intimately familiar with the educational needs of our students. As KEF’s Education Specialist, she works to assist rural students in setting career goals and choosing educational programs that answer their unique educational needs. Daria’s main goal is to make sure Native students develop their full potential while, at the same time, pursuing their dreams.