Corporate Donors

Beacon Level $10,000 and above

As KEF's primary supporter, Koniag Incorporated has for over twenty years been dedicated to the support and education of our Koniag Alutiiq shareholders.

A longtime partner of KEF and Alaska Native students statewide in STEM fields, Alyeska Pipeline Services Company is proud to provide matching scholarships to high-achieving students across Alaska.

ExxonMobil supports science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education not only worldwide, but right here in Kodiak, with Kodiak students having benefitted from this scholarship opportunity since 2010. The ExxonMobil team realizes and respects the unique people and culture of Kodiak, and is proud of its partnership with KEF.

Transpac Group brings more than 30 years of experience and leadership to the Pacific Northwest Forest industry. Giving back is a vital part of Transpac Group and their aim is to contribute to the communities that have become part of their own.

Leadership Level $1,000 – $4,999

Individual Donors

Pace Setter Level $5,000 – $9,999
Leadership Level $1,000 – $4,999


  • Margaret Nielsen
  • Thomas Panamaroff (KEF Board Member)
  • Greg & Jill Young
Benchmark Level $500 – $999


  • Tony and Tyan Hayes (Koniag Board Member)
  • Brent & Patricia Parsons (Koniag Board Member)
  • Gary and Rita Stevens (Koniag Board Member)
  • Ron and Fabiula Unger (Koniag Board Member)
Championship Level up to $499
  • Loren Anderson (KEF Board Member)
  • Sharon Beeson
  • Lavonda Beukers
  • Joanne Blackburn
  • Melissa Borton
  • Peter Boskofsky (KEF Board Member)
  • Candace Branson (KEF Board Member)
  • James Carmichael (KEF Board Member)
  • Jeff Chester
  • Mitchell Chya
  • Alex Cleghorn (Koniag Board Member)
  • Dennis & Jane Demmert
  • Laurie Fagnani
  • Lois and Kenneth Fields
  • Jennifer Freeman
  • Janissa Johnson
  • Brian Kewan
  • Dawn Kewan
  • Frieda Kraft and Dr. Victor Badner
  • Jesse Kreger
  • Mike and Darcy Kreger
  • Jacqueline Madsen
  • Dennis Metrokin
  • Tom Murphy
  • Matt Olsen (Koniag Board Member)
  • Jon and Kelly Panamaroff (KEF Board Member)
  • Stephen and Joan Parsons (KEF Board Member)
  • Conrad and Amy Peterson (Koniag Board Member)
  • Michael Pestrikoff
  • Gordon Pullar, Jr. (KEF Board Member)
  • David Redick
  • Germaine Salmine
  • Lorena Skonberg (KEF Board Member)
  • Thomas Swensen (KEF Board Member)
  • Jana Turvey
  • Starr Ward
  • In memory of Rick Salmine
  • In memory of Helen Simeonoff