Corporate Donors

Beacon Level $10,000 and above

As KEF's primary supporter, Koniag Incorporated has for over twenty years been dedicated to the support and education of our Koniag Alutiiq shareholders.

A longtime partner of KEF and Alaska Native students statewide in STEM fields, Alyeska Pipeline Services Company is proud to provide matching scholarships to high-achieving students across Alaska.

Transpac Group brings more than 30 years of experience and leadership to the Pacific Northwest Forest industry. Giving back is a vital part of Transpac Group and their aim is to contribute to the communities that have become part of their own.

Leadership Level $1,000 – $4,999

Individual Donors

Pace Setter Level $5,000 – $9,999
Leadership Level $1,000 – $4,999


  • Margaret Nielsen
  • Thomas Panamaroff (KEF Board Member)
  • Greg & Jill Young
Benchmark Level $500 – $999


  • Tony and Tyan Hayes (Koniag Board Member)
  • Brent & Patricia Parsons (Koniag Board Member)
  • Gary and Rita Stevens (Koniag Board Member)
  • Ron and Fabiula Unger (Koniag Board Member)
Championship Level up to $499
  • Loren Anderson (KEF Board Member)
  • Sharon Beeson
  • Lavonda Beukers
  • Joanne Blackburn
  • Melissa Borton
  • Peter Boskofsky (KEF Board Member)
  • Candace Branson (KEF Board Member)
  • James Carmichael (KEF Board Member)
  • Jeff Chester
  • Mitchell Chya
  • Alex Cleghorn (Koniag Board Member)
  • Dennis & Jane Demmert
  • Laurie Fagnani
  • Lois and Kenneth Fields
  • Jennifer Freeman
  • Janissa Johnson
  • Brian Kewan
  • Dawn Kewan
  • Frieda Kraft and Dr. Victor Badner
  • Jesse Kreger
  • Mike and Darcy Kreger
  • Jacqueline Madsen
  • Dennis Metrokin
  • Tom Murphy
  • Matt Olsen (Koniag Board Member)
  • Jon and Kelly Panamaroff (KEF Board Member)
  • Stephen and Joan Parsons (KEF Board Member)
  • Conrad and Amy Peterson (Koniag Board Member)
  • Michael Pestrikoff
  • Gordon Pullar, Jr. (KEF Board Member)
  • David Redick
  • Germaine Salmine
  • Lorena Skonberg (KEF Board Member)
  • Thomas Swensen (KEF Board Member)
  • Jana Turvey
  • Starr Ward
  • In memory of Rick Salmine
  • In memory of Helen Simeonoff