Other Funding

Scholarships with Village, Corporate & Tribal Affiliation

More Scholarship Opportunities

KEF is continuously engaged in researching partnership opportunities with organizations to develop mutually beneficial internship programs for our students and partner corporations.

  • Koniag Angayuk (partner) Scholarship & Internship (Open November 15, Deadline March 15)
    Koniag. and the Koniag Education Foundation (KEF) have jointly coordinated an internship/ scholarship program to seek out Koniag’s best and brightest Shareholders and Descendants to intern in subsidiaries of Koniag Development Corporation (KDC) and establish relationships between our future leaders and Koniag. The selected intern(s) will be awarded an annual scholarship of $10,000.00 from Koniag for the duration of their post-secondary educational training.

Educational Programs

  • Alutiiq Studies Program – A new program offering a Certificate, Endorsement, and Associates degree in Alaska Native Studies.
  • ANNSEP – The Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP) has a suite of opportunities for middle school, high school and college students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degree programs and careers. 
  • Alaska Vocational Technical Center (AVTEC) – Great Careers For Alaskans.
  • College/Graduate Horizons – Summer Programs for college & high school students.

Start your Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) HERE!

Completing the FAFSA is the first step for anyone making college plans. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the form that the federal government, states, colleges and other organizations use to award financial aid. Submitting it is your key to accessing grants, scholarships, work-study programs and federal student loans. You will submit it each year you are planning on attending college whether you are a part-time or full-time student. Even though you may think you are over income, please apply.

Alaska students, want some extra help with the FAFSA? Check out the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education help page HERE!

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