’11 – ’12 GRADUATES

Peter Boskofsky Juris Doctor of Law
Kasey Carpenter BA in Marketing
Jessica Dotson BA in Psychology
Ben Holmstrom BS in Geomatics
Chelsea LaPorta BA in Furniture Design
Mi’chelle McCoy BA in Psychology
Dana Morrison BA in Music
Nicole Nelson BA in Arts
Alicia Parsons Doctor of Medice – Public Health
Shelby Parsons BA in Interpersonal Communication
Evan Peterson BA in History
Logan Rheaume BA in Anthropology
Germaine Salmine BA in American Indian Studies
Kristopher Van Wingerden BS in Electrical Engineering
Judy Young Certified Hypnotherapist

’10 – ’11 GRADUATES

Joshua Baker Certified Industrial Electrical Technician
Barbara Bundy BS in Business Admnistration
Zoyia Combes BA in Music Education
Mathew D Cooper Diesel Mechanics
Katharine Claire Gavin Master of Mass Communication
Kathryn Hansen AA in Language Arts & Communications
Veronica Henson BA in Audiology
Greg Lukin Certified Electrical Lineworker
Tammy Klopfstein AA in Accounting
Nicholas Kraft Master of English
Michelle Meza BS in Occupational Education
Sarah Miles Cert. Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician
Rachael L. Schwantes BA Elementary Education
Stacy Pulis AA in General Studies
Blaine Scouller Combination Welding
Janell Shanagin Certified Office Specialist
Laurie Woodman BA in Art & Engineering

’09 – ’10 GRADUATES

Linda Barnes Esthetician
Sterling Fitzgerald BS in Biological/Environmental Engineering
Ana Lyman Certified X-Ray Technician
Charlene McDonald Nurse Anesthetist
Annie M. Peterson Lewis Nursing
Todd Pulis Finance
Gordon Pullar Master of Rural Development
Cliff Sheehan Welding
Anna Stevens Master of Teaching
Malia Villegas PhD in Culture, Communities & Education
Chelsea Wilmott Nursing
Shawn Wolkoff Medical Assistant
Meghan Woodman Kinesiology

’08 – ’09 GRADUATES

Chantel Aga Medical Assistant
Agnes Beans Insurance & Medical Coding
Barbara Bundy Associate of Arts
Alana Branson Biology
Abigail Chabitnoy Bachelor of Arts (English/Anthropology)
Sabrina Christiansen Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
Meagan Christianson Bachelor of Arts (Education)
Natasha Hayden Engineering
Chelsea Helgason Marketing
Patsy Hester Bachelor of Arts
Audrey Holien Public Administration & Computer Science
Christy Humphreys Kinesiology
Byron Kotongan Pilot’s License
Mary Lavassar Bachelor of Arts
Andrea Lawrenson Clinical Laboratory Science
Sean Lestenkof Surgical Technologist
Jordon Lindsey Geography
Kenneth Nelson, Jr. Master of Business Administration
Margaret Nielsen Bachelor of Arts (English)
Darin Pestrikoff Bachelor of Arts (History)
Patricia Ruiz Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice)