Career Development Grants are merit-based (how well you do on your application determines the amount of your award) and are awarded to individuals enrolled in non-degree programs such as licensing and certification training’s, workshops or other career advancing programs which are less than 6 weeks in duration.

PURPOSE: To assist students who have chosen to further their education through non-degree programs such as licensing and certification trainings, workshops or other career advancing programs lasting up to 6 weeks..

AWARD: Up to $1,000; multiple recipients per year. Limit of two (2) CDG’s per fiscal year, per student not to exceed a total of $1,000. No deadline; open continuously. Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing.

Koniag Shareholders and registered descendants who wish to enroll in non-degree seeking, short term (six weeks or less) courses of study which will increase their opportunities for employment or job advancement.
: Any qualified student who is accepted to or enrolled in a career development course and can demonstrate how the training will assist the student in gaining employment or job security and/or advancement. Must meet all other KEF eligibility requirements. The program must be accredited or meet state or industry standards Proof of program completion is required.

Required Documents for Career Development Grant
The following documents must be submitted for consideration of this scholarship award:

1) Essay: The purpose of the essay is to give the Executive Director more background information about you. Your essay should include the following:

a)  Brief description of your personal and family history
b)  Community/family involvement
c)  Benefit Statement: Explain how this training/course will improve your employment opportunities and/or improve current employment or help you advance in your career.

2) Recent Resume with employment history, school activities, volunteer/community service, awards/honors, and any additional education/training. (2 pages maximum)

3) Proof of Cost of Program: An invoice and/or cost of attendance from the school/training program.

4) Profile Photo:  A recent profile photo of yourself (may be emailed to in .jpg, .tiff, or .gif format).

The Koniag Education Foundation Board of Directors may appoint a committee or the Executive Director of KEF to select recipients of awards. Awards are based on the personal essay and completeness of information in the application,

If awarded, applicant will be notified by email. The awarded funds will be sent directly to the recipient’s school/program and may be used for reasonable expenses in conjunction with the courses taken which the Executive Director determines as acceptable costs. Any funds not used by the recipient will be returned to the Foundation.

*Because KEF is a private nonprofit, IRS regulations require that all scholarship and career development funds must be sent directly to the institute where training is taking place.