Award: Varies depending on annual budget; multiple recipients per year.
Deadline: March 15 – (Funding for Fall 2022, and/or Winter 22/23, and/or Spring 2023)

KEF offers merit-based scholarships to Koniag, Incorporated shareholders and registered  descendants.  These scholarships are competitive and are scored by an independent scholarship review committee. While all eligible applicants will receive funds, the applicants with the highest scores, will receive the highest amounts. Each portion of the application has a point value, including the students’ GPA, therefore it is important to put forth maximum effort into the application.

Beginning with the 2022-23 Award Cycle, qualified applicants will also be eligible for an additional special scholarship without having to submit an application. The Godfrey, Parsons, Matfay, & Drabek scholarships will be awarded to the students with the highest application points in each specified major.

KEF is a private nonprofit and the IRS regulations require that all scholarship funds must be disbursed directly to the university and cannot be applied to accounts in arrears (past due).

Applications must be time-stamped by the posted deadline Alaska Standard Time.

Basic Requirements:

  • Applicants must be Alaska Native shareholders or registered descendants (may be adopted) of the Koniag Region.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required. Please contact office if your GPA is below a 2.5 to discuss your options.
  • All applicants who are not currently enrolled in the Koniag, Inc. descendant or shareholder database must complete the descendant database form and submit the form to Shareholder Relations at Koniag, Inc. Please contact KEF for assistance.
  • Members of the Koniag Education Foundation Board of Directors and their immediate family members are not eligible to apply for KEF scholarships or grants.
  • Be enrolled or accepted into an accredited college for a minimum of 6 credits/units per term.
  • Must have attained a high school diploma or GED by May 31 of application year.
  • Must meet all other KEF eligibility requirements and be in good standing with KEF’s other programs.

What Will I Need to Complete the Application?

  1. Your Koniag shareholder or registered descendant ID number.
  2. A recent resume with employment history, school activities, volunteer/community service, awards/honors, and any additional education/training. (2-page maximum)
  3. Most recent high school, GED, or college transcript(s). If you have attended two or more colleges, provide the averaged cumulative GPA.
  4. An essay is required for all scholarships.  The essay should be written specifically for the scholarship you are applying for and include the following:
    1) a description of your personal and family history
    2) life and educational goals
    3) community and/or family involvement
    4) volunteer activities/awards
    5) If you are a continuing student, share what you’ve learned during the past school year. For instance, what were your challenges or setbacks and how did you overcome them? What were your triumphs or accomplishments? (Min. 500 words).

5. One Letter of recommendation (LOR’s) is required for all new KEF General. Continuing students (those who received a KEF General in the previous academic year) are not required to resubmit a letter of recommendation. The recommender should write specifically about the scholarship which you are applying for. All LOR’s must be signed, dated, and not be more than one year old or your application will receive a point reduction, resulting in a smaller award.  Click here for a form to share with your recommenders.

6. A recent profile photo of yourself. It does not have to be a taken by a professional photographer, but it should be something you would use professionally. The required file types are .jpg or .jpeg. Size: 2 x 3 or 3 x 5 preferred.